Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin is the Chairman of Malaysian Directors Academy (MINDA) since June 2008. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a Chartered Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, and a Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

Dato’ Ahmad Pardas had more than 40 years experience in the corporate sector, including more than 20 years at board level.

He retired as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UEM Group Berhad in June 2009, after having served the UEM Group for more than 17 years. During his tenure at UEM Group, he had held various key positions including as Managing Director of UEM World Berhad, Renong Berhad, TIME Engineering Berhad, TIME dotCom Berhad, EPE Power Corporation Berhad, and had also served as Director & CEO of Silterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Prior to UEM Group, he worked for the BAT Group for more than 17 years, including a 3-year stint at their London office. His last position in BAT Group was as the Financial Controller of Malaysian Tobacco Company Berhad.

He had also served on the board of Sime Darby Energy Sdn Bhd, PLUS Expressways Berhad, UEM Land Holdings Berhad, UEM Builders Berhad and Costain Group plc (UK), Faber Group Berhad, Pharmaniaga Berhad, Opus Group Berhad, UEM Environment Sdn Bhd, The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), and Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK).

Dato’ Ahmad Pardas is currently also the Chairman of Desaru Development Corporation Sdn Bhd and Desaru Development Holdings One Sdn Bhd, and member of the Board of S P Setia Berhad, Themed Attractions Resorts and Hotels Sdn Bhd, Sime Darby Industrial Holdings Sdn Bhd and Silterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

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